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We work to facilitate India’s transition to a cleaner energy future.

Core Values


Becoming self-aware of your habits is the first step towards changing to a more sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle.


Once you have taken the time to think about some of the waste you generate, you can then start refusing certain products.


Reducing your waste takes some forethought, but with practice it can become a habit.


By reusing items, you are extending the life of them.


Instead of throwing those items in the trash, make the conscious effort to put them in the recycling bin instead.


When it comes time to replace something, think about an alternative to it.

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Green Buildings

Green Buildings

“Oh mom, I had the most beautiful dream. I was sitting in a meadow and the grass was green, air…

Green Buildings: The New Future

Green Buildings: The New Future

The construction industry has evolved exponentially over the years. From an industry that plans and executes the construction of buildings…

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